Complementary liquid feed supplement ALPHALIVER + Carnitine reduces risks of liver steatosis syndrome. It is also particularly recommended at weaning time, during the force-feeding and critical growth phases. Composition

Sorbitol : 500 000 mg
Sodium (Chloride): 19 000 mg
Magnesium (Chloride): 3 045 mg
Choline Chloride: 80 000 mg
Betaïne : 30 000 mg
Vitamin PP : 2 000 mg
Methionine : 18 250 mg
Carnitine : 5 500 mg
Plants Extracts: Artichoke, Boldo 10 000 mg

About The Product

ALPHALIVER + Carnitine is a formula to improve digestion. Its formula is based on :
Sorbitol which stimulates the digestive and pancreatic enzymes,
Methionine and Choline which favor the fatty acid oxidization,
Betaine which ensures the controller role in lipids metabolism,
Magnesium and sodium which favor the intestinal motor function.