Dosage form Injectable Solution Composition

ach 1 ml contains:
Diminazene aceturate 75 mg
Antipyrine 250 mg
Vitamin B12 0,04 mcg
Excipients, q.s for 1 ml

Indications & target animals BABESOM 12 is used for treatment of blood parasites infections such as Trypanosomiasis, Babesiosis (Piroplasmosis) and Theileria annulata. and mixed infections caused by trypanosomas and babesias in cattle, sheep, goats, camels, horses, and dogs.
BABESOM 12 is also indicated for the control of cases associated with weakened immunity due to the temporal disappearance of the ticks of the area and when the animals are transported from free of ticks areas to infected ones Administration & dosages Cattle and Horses: 1 ml / 25 kg b.w. (3 mg of Diminazene aceturate / kg b.w.).
Camels: 1 ml / 15 kg b.w. (5 mg of Diminazene aceturate / kg b.w.).
Sheep, Goats and Dogs: 1 ml / 22 kg b.w. (3.5 mg of Diminazene aceturate / kg b.w.).
Inject Horses in tow or three sites, one hour between injections, to a void colic. If necessary dose is repeated in an interval one day at least. Withdrawal period Meat: 21 days.
Milk: Goats and Sheep :7 days
Cattle: 21 days
Storage In a dry and dark place, at 15 - 30° C. License No. 14/12/487/2019