Dosage form Injectable Solution Composition

Each 100 ml contains :
Dexamethazone Sodium Phosphate 0.5 gr

Indications & target animals It is used to treat all kinds of animals and is prescribed to treat arthritis, Synovitis sac, Polytenditis , inflammation membrane joints.
The serous hinge membrane is also used in cases of ketosis,and increased acetone in the blood when cows and sheep, in cases of Emphysema, used as an adjuvant in case of milk fever, Allergic injuries to the skin, Platelet Allergic Shock inflammation,Hepatitis. Administration & dosages Usage:
Given as IM or SC.
Given 0.5 - 1 ml / 100 kg live weight (maximum dose 5 ml) in the IM or SC.
Topical treatment: 1 - 2 ml inside joint or Inside Synovial fluid bag... etc.
For Ponies, calves and dogs: 0.5 - 1 every 50 kg live weight in the IM or SC and for topical treatment 0.5 ml. Withdrawal period Meat: 7 days
Milk: 3 days
Storage In a dry and dark place at 15 - 30° C. Presentation Amber glass vials of 100 ml, 50 ml. License No. 2/5/412/2006