Dosage form Pessary Composition

Each bolus / 2,5 gr contains :
Oxytetracyclin HCL 500 mg

Indications & target animals The contraindicated antibiotic broad-spectrum is used orally to treat intestinal infections for ponies, calves, lambs . To treat through the uterus in cases of uterine infections or acute retention of the placenta in cows, horses, camels and sheep. Administration & dosages Usage :
Suppositories given through the uterus.
Cows: 1 - 4 suppositories.
Sheep and goats: 1/2. The dose can be repeated when needed Withdrawal period Milk is not used for human consumption until two days after the last treatment. Storage In a dry and dark place at 15 - 30° C. Presentation Sachets of 8 pessary each License No. 3/19/425/2007