Each 100 ml contains:
Chlorpheniramine maleate 1 gr.
Excipients q.s. for 100 ml

Indications & target animals PHENRAMINE is used in cattle, calves, goats, sheep, dogs and cats to treat, Anaphylactic shock, allergic symptoms caused by excessive histamine release, such as respiratory diseases (shipping-fever, bronchitis, asthma), skin allergies (urticaria, itching), inflammatory diseases (mastitis, laminitis), Reproductive system disorders (endometritis, placenta retention), Insect bite and stings, and drug allergy. Administration & dosages Via I.M.
Large Animals: 3 - 5 mlSheep, Goats: 1 - 2 ml,
Dogs, Cats: 0.25 - 1 ml.
Dose can be repeated when it is necessary, as recommended by the Veterinarian. Withdrawal period Meat: 1 days. Milk: 12 hours. Storage In a dry and dark place, at 15 - 30° C. License No. 11/12/487/2019