Essential oils solutions Essential oils for respiratory issues Composition

Menthol: 120 000 mg
Eucalyptol: 80 000 mg
Carvacrol : 25 000 mg
Thymol : 5 000 mg

About The Product

RESPIRO is a combination of natural essential oils to decrease the amount of excessive
mucus in the respiratory tract at the time of breathing problems (regular respiratory
problems, heat stress and post vaccination reactions).
Respiratory problems cause decreased oxygen intake, decreased water and feed intake which result
in less energy with all the negative consequences. Besides that, mucus is a risky medium for bacterial
RESPIRO stimulates air intake, feed intake and energy metab olism.


*According to E.U. regulation :
RESPIRO-M can be used only by spray method in Europe because it
contains camphor.
To be allowed through drinking water in Europe, camphor has to be
retired of the formula.