Dosage form W.S.P. Composition

Each 100 gr contains :

Erythromycin thiocyanate 3,5 gr
Oxytetracyclin HCL 5 gr
Streptomycin Sulphate 3,5 gr
Colistin Sulphate 20 m.I.U
Vit. A Acetat 300,000 I.U
Vit. D3 150,000 I.U
Vit. E Acetat 0,2 gr
Vit. B1 HCL 0,2 gr
Vit. B2 0,4 gr
Vit. B6 HCL 0,2 gr
Vit. B12 Cyanocobalamin 100% 0,001 gr
Vit. C 2 gr
Pantothenic Acid 1 gr
Vit. K3 sodium bisulfate 0,2 gr
Vit. PP 2 gr
Inositol 0,1 gr
Indications & target animals It is composed of a broad spectrum of vitamins and antibiotics. This product increases the productivity of eggs , increases the growth rate of birds, promotes the conversion of feed. Used as vitamin supplement during the treatment period of disease and stress. Used for the treatment of intestinal diseases, respiratory infections and urinary tract infections. the bacterial diseases caused by Gram positive bacteria and gram-negative bacteria such as: Chlamydia, Salmonella, Klebsiella, Pasteurella, E. coli, ,Haemophilus, Mycoplasma, Ricketta, Staphylococcus and Streptococcus in poultry and large animals. Administration & dosages Usage:
Orally Via drinking water.
For poultry:
For prevention: 1 kg per 2000 liters drinking water for 5-7 days
For treatment: 1 kg per 1000 liters drinking water for 5-7 days
For large animals: 1 g / 5 kg live weight for 5-7 days Withdrawal period Meat: 7 days after last processing.
Eggs: One day after the last treatment. Storage In a dry and dark place at 15 - 30° C. Presentation Aluminum Sachet 100 g License No. 1/41/448/2011