Dosage form W.S.P. Composition

Each 100 gr contains :
Peprazin Citrate 100 gr

Indications & target animals It is used in cases of deficiency of minerals and anemia and to increase production and in cases of stress and exhaustion in cattle, sheep, calves and lambs. Administration & dosages Usage:
Orally Via drinking water.
For poultry: for treatment 0.4 g per bird.
For horses and cows: 15 - 20 g per 50 kg Body weight.
Calves and calves: 10 - 15 g for every 50 Body weight.
The dose is repeated after three weeks and for one day. Withdrawal period Stop treatment before slaughter with a period of not less than two days Storage In a dry and dark place at 15 - 30° C. Presentation Aluminum Sachet 100 g License No. 1/4/356/2002