Dosage form Bolus Composition

Each bolus / 2,5 gr contains :
Rafoxanide 150 mg

Indications & target animals Used as an antidote to internal parasites.It is broad spectrum and effective against Common liver fluke infections, especially Fasciola hepatica and gigantica, as well as worms such as Haemonchus,Bunostomum and oesophagostom affecting cows, camels,and sheep. It is also used in the treatment of nasal myiasis in sheep Administration & dosages Usage:
Only one swallow by mouth.
Sheep: 1 pound / 20 kg live weight [7.5 mg / kg]
Cattle and camels: 2 kg / 40 kg live weight [7.5 mg / kg] Withdrawal period Meat: 28 days Storage In a dry and dark place at 15 - 30° C. Presentation Sachets of 8 boluses each License No. 1/14/453/2012