Dosage form Oral Emulsion Composition

Each 100 ml contains :

Methyl Silicone 10 ml
Menthol 1,7 gr
Anise Extact 1 ml
Turpentine 40 ml
Indications & target animals It is given to treat emphysema
- Weakness of rumen movements and satiety
- Loss of appetite Gastrointestinal disorders caused by inactivity in ruminant intestine. Administration & dosages Usage:
It is given with water dilated by mouth
Large animals: beauty, horses and cows 100 ml / animal
Sheep and goats 10 - 25 ml / animal
Repeat the dose as and when instructed by your veterinarian Withdrawal period None / Not given to animals prepared for slaughter directly Storage In a dry and dark place at 15 - 30° C. Presentation Plastic or glass container 100 ml, 200 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml / 1 liter License No. 2/4/356/2002