Dosage form W.S.P. Composition

Each 100 gr contains :
Vit. C 25 gr

Indications & target animals For poultry in the following cases: improved growth and productivity, increased egg production and improved quality of eggshell - increased resistance to diseases and improve heat bird tolerance - reduced mortality due to high temperatures in chickens -Given in cases of vitamin C deficiency. Administration & dosages Usage:
Mix with drinking water or fodder
poultry: For treatment: 100 g / 200 liters of drinking water for 5 - 7 days
1 kg per ton of feed
It is given in stress situations
or at high fever.
calves, sheep, goats and goats: 1000 mg / day for the head for 7 - 10 days
Cows and horses: 10 gr daily for 7 - 10 days. Withdrawal period Meat: None
Milk: None Storage In a dry and dark place at 15 - 30° C. Presentation Aluminum Sachet 100 g License No. 1/11/330/2000